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Welcome to our website „When grief and football meet. A cross pass through the culture of mourning in football.“

Especially in football, the theme of mourning and death is very visible. Just think of the minute of silence, the black ribbon or the choreographies for deceased players or fans.

The motivation for this project came from Carmens own experience that after the death of two of her children, football gave her the opportunity to recharge her batteries, to switch off and to let 90 minutes run free for all feelings.

Since 2006 she is collecting  clippings, fanzines, football magazines, interviews, photos, essays etc. dealing with both football and mourning.

The result of Carmens collections are recorded in a scientific paper which investigates the question of what happens when football and grief meet. What contribution can football make to the culture of mourning?

In cooperation with Tobi, who is a football fan, good friend and media expert, Carmen develops this website.

With this project we hope to be able to contribute something to bring the (taboo) topic of death and grief back to life, so that it becomes more natural for us again.

Because one thing is for sure, sooner or later we will all die, but „Don’t worry, there will be football in heaven too“, as Uwe Seeler knows.

More information:

Last year Carmen visited London to get a first insight into the English memorial culture.  Among others, she also spoke with the former Reverend of Queens Park Rangers. There it is possible to bury ashes of deceased fans behind the goal line. You can find Carmens arctile and some photos online here. Unfortunatelly it is in German.

We are also on the road to give lectures and report about grief and football. There are also articles and podcasts with and about us. You find this here.  Unfortunatelly it is in German.

Support us:

We are looking for Football fans who provide us with their photos of mourning choreographies, empty seats, minutes of silence, graffiti about mourning and football. We are pleased about photos from everywhere.

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We are looking for Hints in the social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) about grief and football. Articles, fanzines, press clippings about football and mourning.

We are also happy about football fans who give us an interview about how football has supported them in their grief or what else they have to say about the topic of grief and football.

We are pleased about all feedback, inquiries, hints. If you have any further ideas to support the project, please feel free to contact us at any time.

We are also very interested in networking. Just get in touch with us.
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We say THANK YOU for your support! Honor and glory in football heaven are guaranteed!